The smart pool cleaner

Leading-edge V-Flex technology and intuitive SmartDrive Steering System ensure Swimkleen-NAV provides complete coverage, easy manoeuvrability, easier passage of larger dirt and debris without blockages - and energy savings. Ideal solution for variable-speed pumps.

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Ideal for use with variable speed pumps

- Patented V-Flex technology, wide vacuum inlet and unique wing design prevents blockages while delivering maximum suction power, even at low flow.

Patented SmartDrive Steering

- adaptive steering systems improves manoeuvrability, speed and efficiency providing thorough, self-sufficient coverage of the pool floor, walls and coves.

Silent operation

- no pulsating hoses or noisy components

Eliminates hose tangling

- due to the adaptive steering systems.

Simple to maintain

- fewer moving parts makes it easy to service and maintain.

Patented anti-blocking design

- features V-Flex technology that virtually eliminates blockages


Swimkleen-NAV also comes with:


  • 11 x 1m Connector Hoses
  • 1 x Regulator Valve, Flow Gauge, Cone Adaptor and Skimmer Elbow
  • Swimkleen-NAV comes fitted with shoes to suit a concrete pool as well as a set of cork shoes suitable for fibreglass and vinyl liner pools (ceramic shoes for tiled pools are available)

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