• Granular Chlorine & Conditioner

Granular Chlorine & Conditioner

AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner is blended chlorine, containing a high concentration of trichlor and sodium tetraborate.

The blend of the high concentration of trichlor and a water enhancer (sodium tetraborate) makes this the perfect product for multiple uses.

It can be used as a standard chlorine for sanitising the swimming pool water or used as a great addition to your algae treatment (for treating green or black algae). The regular addition of Sodium tetraborate enhances the water quality giving it a soft silky feeling.

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  • Ideal alternative to liquid chlorine

  • A blend of stabilised granular chlorine and a water enhancer

  • AquaPure Granular Chlorine & Conditioner has no residue

  • The regular addition of the sodium tetra borate enhances water quality, providing a soft silky feel to the pool water

  • UV protected

  • Built-in chlorine stabiliser to protect the chlorine from harmful UV rays

  • Can be used as a saltwater boost or shock treatment

  • Can be used as an Algae treatment (for treating Green or Black Algae)

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
386151 1KG
386152 2KG
386154 4KG
3861510 10KG


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