• Granular Floculant and Clarifier

Granular Flocculant & Clarifier

AquaPure Granular Flocculant & Clarifier is a trusted, specially formulated chemical that will improve filtration and clarify cloudy, milky and muddy water. It's the first choice when the pool is noticeably cloudy. As a heavy duty flocculent, AquaPure Granular Flocculant combines with suspended solids causing them to ‘drop out’ of pool water so that they can be vacuumed up from the pool floor.

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Product Benefits

AquaPure Granular Flocculant & Clarifier combine with suspended solids causing them to ‘drop out’ of pool water so that they can be vacuumed up from the pool floor.

  • Simple and easy to use - can be added directly to the pool water or Diluted in a bucket of water then broadcast over the pool surface.

  • Heavy duty floc - will clear the muddiest pool fast, (when instructions are followed).

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
386622 2KG


  •   What is Granular flocculant & Clarifier, and how does it work?

    Granular Flocculant & Clarifier is a substance designed to promote the clumping together of particles suspended in water. It works by binding to these particles, making them larger and heavier, which facilitates their settling to the bottom of the pool. Using a Granular Floc helps improve water clarity by removing small particles that can make the water appear cloudy.

  •   How long does it take for a Granular Flocculant to work?

    The time it takes for Granular Flocculant to work can vary based on factors such as the size of the pool, the severity of the cloudiness, and the efficiency of the pool's circulation system. In many cases, noticeable improvements in water clarity can be seen within a few hours of applying the flocculant. However, complete settling and clarity may take up to 24-48 hours.

  •   How do I apply a Granular Flocculant & Clarifer to my swimming pool?

    Applying Granular Flocculant & Clarifier to your pool is relatively simple. Start by dissolving the granules in a bucket of water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, with the pool filter set to re-circulation, distribute the dissolved Floc evenly across the pool's surface. Allow the pool pump to run for a short time to distribute the floc throughout the pool water, then turn the pump off and allow the particles to settle on the pool floor, once the pool is clear it’s time to vacuum directly to waste.

  •   Can I use a Granular Flocculant & Clarifier as a regular maintenance routine for my pool?

    Granular Flocculant is typically used for addressing specific water clarity issues rather than regular maintenance. Granular Floc is effective for occasional use when cloudiness arises due to suspended particles. Regular pool maintenance involves proper filtration, water balancing, and sanitisation. If you find yourself frequently needing to use a flocculant, it may be an indicator of other issues that need addressing in your pool's maintenance routine.

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