• Black Spot Algae Remover

Black Spot Algae Remover

AquaPure Black Spot Algae Remover is a 90% sodium trichlor algaecide for treatment of black spot and stubborn algae issues.

Only to be used in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pools. 

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AquaPure Blackspot Algae Remover has a high chlorine / low pH.

  • Highly concentrated, contains 900g/kg of sodium trichlor

  • Effective against blue-green and black algae

  • Non-metallic

  • Not affected by high levels of chlorine

  • Low pH promotes better performance

  • Kills black spot ‘blue-green' algae

  • Granules can be directed towards the affected area

  • Dissolves slowly to stay in contact with the affected area longer

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
386321 1kg


  •   What is black algae, and why is it a problem in pools?

    Black algae is a stubborn and tenacious form of algae that commonly forms in swimming pools. It appears as dark, blackish-blue, or green spots that can be difficult to remove. Black algae can penetrate pool surfaces and establish deep roots, making it challenging to eliminate. It can also create an unsightly appearance and rough texture on pool walls and floors.

  •   How effective are Liquid and Granular Blackspot Algae Treatments?

    Both granular and liquid treatments can be effective against black algae, but Blackspot Algaecide treatments are often favoured due to their targeted application. Granules can be directly applied to the affected areas, allowing for better control and concentration of the treatment on the black algae spots. This can result in more efficient eradication of the algae.

  •   How does a black spot algae treatment work?

    Blackspot Algae remover is a algae treatment is a specialised pool chemical designed to target and eradicate black algae infestations. When added to the pool water, the granules dissolve and release the active ingredients, which work to destroy the algae and prevent its growth.

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