• pH Decreaser Granular

Aqua~Health Dry Acid

Aqua Health Decreaser is the Perfect Solution for Pool Water Balance and is a safer alternative to hydrochloric acid (liquid Pool Acid), to reduce the pH and lower the total alkalinity in the pool water.

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Aqua Health pH Decreaser is easy to handle and dissolves quickly, ensuring even distribution throughout your pool water.

  • Safe to handle

  • Soluble in water

  • Long shelf life

  • No fumes

  • Lowers pH in swimming pools & spas

  • Spills can be cleaned more easily than liquid acid

  • Suitable as a stain treatment in some cases


Q: Why would I choose to use pH Decreaser over Liquid Pool Acid?

A: Aqua~Health pH Decreaser is a granular form of Dry Acid that is easy to handle and dissolves quickly, ensuring even distribution throughout your pool water, is safer to handle and store, and has no nasty fumes, unlike Liquid pool acid.

Q: Is pH Decreaser as effective as Hydrochloric Acid in adjusting pH?

A: Yes, pH Decreaser is equally effective in adjusting pH levels in pool water. It is designed to lower pH, just like hydrochloric acid, and provides accurate pH control when used according to the instructions and is gentle on the total alkalinity.

Q: Is pH Decreaser safer to handle compared to Hydrochloric Acid?

A: Yes, pH Control is generally considered safer to handle than Hydrochloric Acid. pH Control comes in a granular form that has no fumes and is less caustic than liquid pool acid. However, as with any chemical, it's important to follow proper handling procedures.

Q: Can I switch from Hydrochloric Acid to pH Decreaser without any complications?

A: Yes, you can switch from Hydrochloric Acid to pH Control without complications. However, it's advisable to first adjust the pH using Dry Acid gradually and monitor the results. Make sure to retest the pH after adding the recommended amount, and avoid making rapid and drastic changes. This allows for a smooth transition while ensuring your pool's pH remains stable.

Available Pack Sizes:

Product Part Number Pack Size
34621 1kg
34623 3kg
6508025 20kg

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