Pooltek control system

The Pooltek Control system for pool & spa is modular and can accommodate most pool control requirements big or small.

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The Pooltek controller manages and controls your pool spa and heating requirements all from your smartphone remotely via the home WIFI simplifying pool management. It will control single and multi-speed pumps, chlorinators, heaters, solar heating, lights, water features, pool/spa valve actuators, and all spa equipment requirements.

Another feature of this product range is it is modular and expandable to meet the needs of a small or large equipment set. As all the modules are plug in, the system is well suited to retrofitting existing pool and pool/spa installations. The system also has options for ORP and PH dosing.


Pooltek features

  • One screen to control the complete pool environment
  • Includes pump speed control*
  • Control multi-colour pool lights* - Aquaquip / Spa Electrics
  • Includes option for garden lighting control
  • 2 standard GPO’s
  • 3 standard GPO’s per expansion module
  • Manage up to 8 power sockets with 2 expansion modules
  • Set up to 4 different filtration times
  • Connect multiple users
  • Analysis and control of pH & ORP

* Functionality may vary between different multi-speed pumps and multi-colour lights

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